By Jack Zimmerman and Virginia Coyle



This is a revolutionary and inspiring book, a must for professionals and non-professionals alike! It provides us with a method for training individuals in basic communication skills that is equally applicable to communities, schools, business environments, therapeutic groups or to family systems. Council is a practice of open, heartfelt expression and attentive, empathic listening. It is a great ally in introducing meaningful change in our institutions and family relationships.

Council is effective for those who want to move from a hierarchical structure to a partnership model where initiative, responsibility and leadership are shared. Through deepening trust, council supports
the clarification of values, co-visioning,
and community building.


The Council Process is the most effective tool I know to capture the true strength of a diverse workforce. The best answer always appears in the "Center of Council.

Chuck Winship,
manager, engineering operations,
strategic programs,—Xerox Corporation


Since meeting and working with Jack Zimmerman in 1978, "family council" has been a regular Sunday event in my family's life. Through the practice of council, our fifteen-year-old and thirteen-year-old boys have learned to express themselves from the heart and have developed an appetite for heartfelt communication with the people in their lives that will undoubtedly serve them for a long time to come. Their eight-year-old sister and three-year-old younger brother have already learned from the older siblings' example and are amazingly excited to sit for long periods of time just to be included in the privilege of family council.

Kenny Loggins,
Singer and Songwriter


ISBN: 978-1-883647-18-6
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396 Pages, 6x9


Jack Zimmerman, PhD
Woodland Hills, California

Jack Zimmerman has been a pioneer in education for over thirty years. He is a man who can bridge the secular world and the world of sacred ritual in order to help establish better understanding and balance. He has refined the meaning of tribal by introducing council in disparate environments from inner city schools beset by racial tension to automobile dealerships, from spiritual communities to the hallowed confabs of school administrators.

Virginia Coyle
Big Pine, California

Virginia Coyle (Gigi) was born to guide council groups through the vital process of expression, reflection, discovery, and consensus. She could organize a school of fish into wearing feathers if, indeed, that was their intent!