Documented Accounts of Poltergeist, Levitations,
Phantoms, and Other Phenomena

Edited by Alexander Imich, PhD
Foreword by Colin Wilson


This book lifts the veil on some of the most astounding and mind-expanding psychokenetic phenomena yet experienced in the world to date. From the glorious Victorian era of parapsychology to the most recent experiments conducted with psychic children in china, authors with proven records of veracity and integrity take us on an unforgettable journey through the yet uncharted universe of the paranormal.


I have read Dr. Alexander Imich’s fascinating new book on the physical phenomena of mediumship and commend his daring treatment of this subject. I am expecailly delighted that he draws from a wider and richer cultural context than is usually seen. The time is ripe for this book.

Raymond Moody, MD, PhD
author of Psychomanteum, Life After Life, Reflections on Life After Life, The Light Beyond, and Coming Back

A mind-boggling series of visits by scientifically-minded investigators to the very frontiers of possibility. For committed skeptics these reports will be literally incredible. But for those more open to evidence, they are both challenging and fascinating. Dr. Imich has done us a great service in bringing together these tales, and his personal account of the Polish medium Matylda is especially remarkable.

Rupert Sheldrake, PhD
author of A New Science of Life, The presence of the Past,
The Rebirth of Nature, Trialogues at the Edge of the West, and Seven Experiments That Can change the World

Incredible Tales of the Paranormal is the most fascinating and unusual book I have ever read in this field. It penetrates the unknown with the support of many testimonies. I recommend this book to everyone.

Uri Geller


ISBN: 1883647037
List Price: $14.95
280 Pages, 5.5x8.5


Dr. Alexander Imich is a chemical consultant, a contributing editor to Psychological Abstracts, to Parapsychology Abstracts International, and in the past to Chemical Abstracts. His articles have been published in British, French, German, Italian, Indian, and USA periodicals.